Killer Career's New Kindle Cover

Killer Career’s New Kindle Cover

I thought I’d share with you all the latest Killer Career Reviews. First, what it’s about:

A lawyer’s career change could be a killer when her mentor, A New York Times bestselling author, does more than write about murders.
Meet Tyler Jensen – a sexy bestselling author, with serious hangups.
Meet Dade Donovan, a just as sexy attorney, who wakes up to his true feelings when it could be too late.
Meet Julie McGuire, a lawyer, whose passion for writing leads to the death of more than one person.


Gray Bridges at, says, “Killer Career is a delightful combination of love and murder. The protagonist, Julie McGuire, longs to change her job and her life. Julie soon finds herself struggling with more than the plot of her debut novel, she finds herself struggling for her very life.”

Robert Walker, author of Dead On, says, “Killer Career hits all the right keys and notes! Author Mandel has hit her stride! A great read!” – For more, see Rob Walker’s review at Amazon’s print version of Killer Career, along with other reviews.

Austin S. Camacho, author of Russian Roulette, says, “The roller coaster of joy and horror, love and terror made me dizzy until the final surprise.”

Cheryl C. Malandrinos of, says, “Once in a while you find a book that forces you to steal moments away from work, the kids and all your other responsibilities just so you can sit down and read it. Killer Career is that book.”

Unwriter Ron Berry at, says, “Morgan Mandel writes an intriguing tale that will keep you turning pages until the last shoe drops.”

Hagelrat at Un:Bound,, says, “I have been working long hours this week with special olympics and was failing at reading everything I picked up, putting it back on the shelf a few pages in, but this hit exactly right spot. It’s a cute cover…”

Carl Brookins of, says, “This is a well-put-together novel that carries the reader briskly to a smashing conclusion.”

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