Spinoff to Found At The Pound

Right now I’m working on a spinoff to Found At The Pound involving Luanne Morris, a character from Found At The Pound. After an unexpected tragedy, romance is far from her mind. God has other plans for her.

Yes, this will be another Senior Romance, since I don’t think there are enough books depicting Seniors as ordinary people.

I have a cover picked out, but will reveal it closer to the publication date.

Morgan Mandel

JUST RELEASED – FOUND AT THE POUND: A Senior Romance Featuring 2 Dog Lovers


This is a departure from Morgan Mandel’s previous books because the stars of this one happen to be Seniors! One’s a widower, the other’s a bestselling author who’s never found a man to live up to the heroes in her books. The two happen to meet at of all places, a Dog Pound.


Now Available – AWAKE: A Good Twin, Bad Twin Thriller

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Rina wants to get even with Grant for not keeping his promises when she needed him most.

Garrett craves his brother’s woman and billion dollar company. He’ll do anything to get them, even kill.

Grant awakens from a coma and discovers his woman and company have been stolen. Can he get them back?

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A Perfect Angel by Morgan Mandel

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If you enjoyed HER HANDYMAN, the book about the handyman who sets out to save a flower child wannabe from a toilet flood, I’ve got good news for you! A sequel is now available!


A PERFECT ANGEL rights an unintentional wrong done by a main character in the first book and offers a happy ending to a deserving person!

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Girl of My Dreams by Morgan Mandel

Girl of My Dreams by Morgan Mandel

For more romantic comedy, check out Morgan Mandel’s most popular book, GIRL 0F MY DREAMS about the madcap adventures of a straitlaced assistant who enters a reality show. Will she win the billionaire?, FREE TO KINDLE UNLIMITED AND PRIME MEMBERS, 99 CENTS FOR PURCHASE.

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Her Handyman by Morgan Mandel Is Available for Kindle!


$2.99 on Kindle will get you your copy of Morgan Mandel’s romantic comedy chick lit at its best, called Her Handyman.

Jake the Handyman gets a late night distress call from rich artist, Zoe. Her toilet is overflowing, and the bathroom is flooding! Little does Jake know that when he gets there, he’ll be the one who needs rescuing! Blame it all on her dog, FuFu!

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New Reviews

Since the last time I corresponded, lots has happened. On the review front, more keep rolling in. Here are a few of them:

Killer Career received a 5 star review, “highly recommended,”  from The Midwest Book Reviews.

George Thompson, at Pop Syndicate.Com, says, “Killer Career is a walk on the wild side as Morgan Mandel pours forth a compelling story of deception and intrigue.”